Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Daisy Reyes to Launch New Flagship!

Welcome to "Jeannette New  York,", French pronounced, (Jhau-net),  a new flagship store created by, yours truly,  Daisy Reyes,  of LA PETITE PLUME.
I have decided to create a company where I will be selling my hand made designs inspired by my LOVE of fabric, prints and patterns, florals and french architecture.  I am so excited about this new adventure I am embarking on!  I know many of you feel the way I do.  The INSOMNIA till the wee hours of dawn.  Your mind racing with so many new IDEAS  and CREATIONS that you can hardly keep up with them, so you search ENDLESSLY for a scrap of paper and any writing implement that is first at hand, in my case, IT MAY BE A LIP LINER! 

I really do not want to reveal too much of the project now as it is all still very much under construction, but I am such an impatient person that I just had to BURST out with the wonderful news now!!   What I can tell you is that I am so looking forward to SHARING all of my ups and downs with my wonderful friends and family.  All of you that have supported me in all of my new endeavors. 

 I especially would like to thank my PRINCE of a HUSBAND, RAFAEL, for without his support, I honestly do not know where I'd be today with all that I dream up on a daily basis.  Even with starting up a new blog!  I never thought I would have done so.  I thought that just with "LA PETITE PLUME," my first blog,  I would be set and content in my world of blogging, never dreaming that I would get the itch to start up another. 

 He , my Prince, just seems to keep it all in prospective.  With his CONTINUOUS reassurance telling me over and over,  "THAT ALL WILL WORK OUT ."  He keeps me grounded and gives me the COURAGE and the strength I need to want to get up every day, pull my BOOTS up and start it all over again the next . 

So I invite all of you to FOLLOW me on my journey as I work hard and prepare to launch "JEANNETTE NEW YORK".  
 Soon I will be posting the official date of our debut! 

I will be wearing my COUTURE GOWN and DIVINE HEELS for my on line party and I hope all of you can make it and help me CELEBRATE that very exciting day! 

Please feel free to leave your ideas or comments for me.  I can not wait to meet all of you.  I have  met so many fantastic friends on my first blog, LA PETITE PLUME Many who have become excellent and dear friends to me.  I have learned a great deal from all of them and I thank them as well for welcoming me into their world and hearts.  

For sharing all of the craziness from my hectic world as well.  I am not only a wife but a mother to three amazing children and so I try to do the BALANCING ACT as so many of us do. 

And last but surely never least, I thank them, my CHILDREN, for loving me and for giving me the unconditional PRIVILEGE of loving them.  For all of their warm hugs, kisses  and words of ENCOURAGEMENT.  I know for sure that their love and patience have sustained me.  That they are the driving force behind all that I do.  So thank you Christopher, Chandler-Michelle and Sage.  Thank you for telling me "YOU CAN DO IT MOM!" I LOVE YOU DEARLY!

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